Westwerk, 2016

Visual Design

Jackie Menth


Nicholas Smith

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For 40 years, luxury travel consultancy Travel Beyond has transported their clients to new worlds. From Angola to Zanzibar, the Minnesota-based company specializes in creating custom journeys across the globe, with a strong focus on African safaris. Travel Beyond prides itself on providing unique experiences to its clients, but its digital presence wasn’t living up to the same standard. I worked closely with lead creative, Jackie, to craft a user experience which reflected their custom luxury offerings.

The client’s stunning photographic library influenced Jackie’s mood board direction, which in-turn inspired my wireframes to showcase the bold, gridded, borderless use of photography whenever possible. Jackie then contrasted the dazzling photos with fine textural and water-color inspired details. The new look exudes a high-end, luxury feel that more accurately portrays the Travel Beyond brand, and helps reinforce the company’s mission to create custom journeys that exceed each client’s expectations.

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