Westwerk, 2016-17


Connor Klausing

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Sterling McDavid is a NYC-based influencer known primarily for her keen eye for design and fashion, passion for philanthropy and entrepreneurial spirit. After leaving her career on Wall Street, Sterling knew she wanted to focus her energy on helping people in need and was looking for a website that could serve as a brand platform and share her story through snippets of everyday life. Sterling did not have an existing site, but was looking for a space where she could start a fashion, lifestyle, travel and wellness brand to share her story, snapshots of everyday life and the good she was doing.

Working directly with Sterling, I took her through branding exercises to kick off the process. Keeping simplicity and modernism front of mind, I created a logo, color palette and typography for the new brand and website. Using neutral colors and bold imagery, we designed a metropolitan look and feel for the first-time site.

The result is a new site which exudes a clean, high-end feel that accurately portrays the Sterling McDavid brand, and serves as a creative outlet to share her design, style, travel and other everyday thoughts.