Westwerk, 2015


Scott Garrison, Aaron Speer

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Pollen is a non-profit that breaks down barriers by creating a space for communities to be better connected. Its established community of users, from local artists to C-Suite executives, craves the ability to interact with one another and share their voices online. With a renewed focus on producing visually stunning long-format editorial content and user-sourced job opportunities and events, the organization needed a website that better supported those efforts.

We partnered with Pollen’s two bold leaders over a 3-month discovery process. Leveraging Pollen’s abstract ideas and business objectives, we effectively created a strategic roadmap of short and long-term goals that could set them up for future success.

The result is where users can share employment opportunities and events, give a shoutout to a local hero, engage and consume stunning editorial content, and even sign up to help create future content.

We created a custom long-form story builder Which offers the client Infinite story design possibilities

Eye-popping design is a vital component of Pollen’s identity, and one of the features that sets their content apart from their competitors. Working closely with the organization, our team came up with a solution that allows Pollen’s editors to lay out long-form editorial

content in a traditional print magazine style, seamlessly integrating photography, gifs, animations, illustrations and text. A bold new design on the front-end and a custom dashboard on the backend allows Pollen’s team to give each story its own distinct identity.