Westwerk, 2015


Aaron Speer

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Boise approached Westwerk with the opportunity to create a new online platform for their alumni magazine, FOCUS. Boise needed to be able to take existing print content with each issue and translate it onto the web in an engaging, intuitive layout that could be easily updated and edited. That layout also had to seamlessly transition from desktop to mobile and tablet in order to reach Boise State’s younger audiences. Most importantly, however, the digital version of FOCUS had to be extremely user-friendly to avoid alienating Boise’s aging alumni population and losing critical readership.

I lead the design of a persistent navigation, a rich system of cross-connecting related articles, and elaborate long-form content. Now, it’s easier than ever for users to access everything that an issue of FOCUS has to offer. Boise’s small admin team can create a unique long-format story with multiple layout options and easily embed a variety of media in just a few clicks.

The project has been a huge success, allowing FOCUS to reach a wider demographic without losing sight of the usability needs of its core audience.